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If you're reading this,
then 2 things must be true:

  1. You love Jesus and you know He has called you to your business.

  2. You know that targeted, clear, and compelling messaging is key to the success of your business.

Jesus's principles and the principles of effective messaging have something in common:

Focus on the people you are serving.

Every place you share your message-- your website, email, social media, your offer page-- should focus on your customer 80%-- their struggles and desires, their concerns and needs-- and on you and your product or service 20%
Image by Aaron Burden

Isn't that the Kingdom perspective?

Others before self?

If you agree, I'd love to connect with you in one of these ways:

During this free, 30-minute consultation, we'll discuss your business, your mission, and your unique needs.

This questionnaire will help you gather everything you need to know about your ideal customer so you can speak their language.

Don't just take my word for it. See what some of my current and former clients say about working with me.

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