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Go from Overwhelmed to Laser-Focused in 1 Hour!

with a Christ-Centered and Results-Focused
2024 Marketing Planning Session

What comes to mind when you think about marketing?

Do you feel anything like this?


Maybe you start to get a headache.


Or anxiety rushes in with a racing heart and shallow breaths.


Maybe you want to ignore it all and do something you actually enjoy.


Whatever your reaction, I think we can all agree that sometimes marketing just feels like too much.


And if this 👆 is the way you’re operating, it is too much.


You are an expert in your business. But you shouldn’t have to be an expert in marketing to succeed.

There is another way. A simpler and more Spirit-led way.


Imagine the next time you think about marketing your business, you remember that you already have a plan.


You open your plan and take a deep breath. What a relief!


At a glance, you can see:

  • The marketing activities you are already doing. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Your most pressing marketing problem. 😩

  • The top 3 things you should do first to solve that problem 🎯🎯🎯


With a clear path forward, it feels like someone has given you permission to ignore everything not on that list. 

Because He did. Jesus gave you permission to run your business differently.


You don’t have to hustle and “girl boss” and balance ALL the things ALL the time.


Jesus gave His time and attention only to the things and people God directed Him to.


This is your invitation to do the same!


Release the burden of trying to do it all (and feeling like a failure when you can’t), and make space to hear the Spirit’s voice and let Him determine your next steps.


But here’s the deal: You probably won’t learn how to do that by listening to a podcast or taking another course.


You get it by having a fellow Jesus follower take a look at your business and give you customized, faith-led recommendations.


You get it by working with a marketing coach who cares just as much about honoring God with your business as you do.

About the Coach

I’m Ashley Conway and I’ve spent the past 20 years working in the marketing industry.


Over the last two decades, I have worked with many different types of businesses (Fortune 25 companies, nonprofits, startups, small businesses, solopreneurs) and on many kinds of projects (websites, sales pages, blog posts, videos, taglines, direct mail, print ads, social media campaigns, email campaigns, events, sales collateral, press releases, interviews, lead magnets, newsletters, customer experience). And the kitchen sink.


I have also watched entrepreneurs tie themselves in knots, spend too much money, and nearly burn out because they were trying to do everything the world’s “experts” recommend. I approach the process differently.


Yes, I have the experience to discuss your business’s unique mission and challenges. But I also believe all strategy and planning should be bathed in prayer.

And it all begins with a 60-minute coaching call, during which we will discuss:

  • Your Business’s Origin Story
    Why did you start this business, how long have you been in business, how has it evolved, and why did God call you to do this?

  • Your Current Marketing Roadmap
    What marketing activities are you doing now, are they working, and what are you missing? 

  • Your Current Marketing Challenges
    Which area do you need the most help with and what are your other marketing challenges?

  • Your Top 3
    What are the three things you should focus on first to make the biggest impact in 2024?

After our call, you will have:

  • Clarity about how your current marketing activities are performing.

  • Confidence about what marketing tasks you should focus on now.

  • Peace that you have an effective plan in place.

  • Relief that you no longer have to worry about everything you could do.



The Questionnaire That Will Unlock Your Ideal Customer’s Secrets

Twenty-six detailed questions to ask your ideal customer that will help you discover how to attract more people just like them. These insightful questions will help you identify their biggest pain points, the reasons they chose you over the competition, and the places they are hanging out online.


Value: $49


7 Days of Voxer support

If you are like me, you often think of the best questions after your coaching time is over. I’ve got you covered! You’ll be able to reach out to me with any questions for 7 days after our call.


Value: $247

1-Hour Coaching Call with Marketing Roadmap: $497
Customer Secrets Q
uestionnaire & Voxer Support: $296

Total Marketing Guidance Value: $793

Black Friday Special: $197*

*This exclusive Black Friday offer is only good through 11/27/23. Coaching sessions to be held from 12/4 through 1/31.

Laptop Typing on Bed
"I truly wish that I would have found Ashley earlier! Ashley has taken so much time to get to know me and my business - I am always surprised with some kind of tidbit she adds that sometimes I think 'HOW did she know that?!' It's because of her research and her heart - she takes deep pride in what she does. Hiring Ashley has freed up so much time in my day and brain real estate. I would recommend Ashley over and over again!

Lisa Gilmore, Lisa Gilmore Design


1 / Why should I choose you over a different marketing coach?

I have worked with over 50 different businesses in my career. But a lot of coaches have experience, right?! What’s harder to find is an experienced marketing coach with a Christian perspective and solid biblical foundation.


The world’s recipe for success is hustle, grow fast, be seen, do it all, own your power, go get your due. The Bible doesn’t say any of those things. It says love well, serve others, God and family first, be humble, be a follower of His way, His pace, His priorities.


Those are the things we will keep in mind when making plans for your business. 

2 / When can I expect to see results from our coaching session?

Not to be cliche, but results may vary. Together, we will identify the first three things you should focus on in 2024. But then you will be the one to create a plan for those things, execute them yourself or outsource them to someone on your team, and most importantly, put a system in place to measure everything you do.


If you are highly motivated and make this a priority, you may start to see results in as little as 1 month. And of course, if you loved our session and want additional support, I would love to discuss what that could look like!

3 / I have a question you haven’t addressed. Who can I speak with?

Thanks for asking. If you have any questions, you can email me at

4 / Remind me what this offer includes?

This Black Friday offer includes a 60-minute coaching call to identify the top 3 marketing tasks you should focus on in 2024, 7 days of Voxer support to ask any questions, and a FREE questionnaire to unlock your ideal customer’s secrets. But this deal ends 11/27/23 so book a call now!

One Last Thing...


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