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Can you relate?

  • You feel like your marketing isn't generating the leads or sales you expected.

  • You struggle to create messaging that resonates with your audience and reflects your values.

  • You are unsure how to represent your faith in your company's marketing.

  • You want tailored marketing strategies that cater to your specific audience and industry.

  • You lack the marketing expertise to align your marketing activities under a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Hey there!

I'm Ashley.

During the past 20 years in the marketing industry, I’ve seen clients:

  • launch new websites and products and be surprised by the lack of leads,

  • force themselves to show up on social media when they hated it, and

  • get distracted by trendy marketing activities without a good strategy.


And I’ve grown frustrated by all the marketing experts who tout "their thing" as the magic pill that will explode your business. Ugh!


The truth is that no marketing activity can be successful long-term without a solid strategy. A strategy that is research-driven, values-aligned and results-focused. 


A Sneak Peek into My Process

An effective marketing strategy starts with extensive research-- of your company, your industry, and your customers.


We get it-- all of the experts talk about creating your ideal customer avatar, and you may already have that. Most businesses consider their past customers, compile general impressions of them, and call that their ideal customer avatar.


But that’s not enough.


Even well-informed assumptions can’t tell you:

  • the reason your customer chose you over your competition,

  • what hesitations they had about working with you, 

  • or the biggest result they’ve experienced from working with you.


That’s where this FREE questionnaire to help you unlock your ideal customer’s secrets comes in. I’m sharing 25+ questions you can ask your ideal clients to get the answers you need to attract more of the right clients.

Thanks for subscribing!

Kind Words

"Working with Ashley has illuminated the right marketing path that works for me as a human being. Each time I speak with her I feel more and more confident about the plan we are putting in place and for once I am excited about developing a healthy marketing rhythm for my business."

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