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Attract the Best Customers with Copywriting That Connects

BeWeird Marketing's proven and highly sought-after copywriting services produce the results you need from your messaging.

Results like:

Increased sales page and email conversions

Higher email signup rates

Greater website traffic

Improved SEO performance

Our Signature Process


We conduct in-depth research on your company, values, services, current marketing strategy and ideal customer.


We use the research we compile to create copy that is tailored to your company and specifically designed to attract your ideal customer.


We deliver the copy and provide recommendations for measuring its success and performance standards to set expectations.


We start by researching your company, values, market, competitors, ideal customer, and offers. We use that data to craft compelling copy that makes your ideal customer feel seen and valued, leading them to become loyal buyers and fans of your brand.


  • Websites

  • Sales pages

  • Landing pages

  • Email sequences

  • Lead magnets

  • Blog posts

  • Print or digital ads


$500- 5,000*
(Rate varies based on deadline, complexity and length of piece.)

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  • Who do you serve?
    We serve small to mid-sized, service-based businesses whose core values are more than words on a poster in the office. We love working with CEOs and small business executives who think about their values when they make decisions, talk to customers, and plan for the future. Your values are important and they should be a part of everything you do-- especially your marketing. That's how you gain not just customers, but lifelong fans. And just in case you're curious, some of our values include faith, service, excellence, storytelling, and purpose.
  • Do you offer flexible payment options?
    Yes. If you prefer, we can divide your payment into two invoices, one due at the beginning of the project and one due mid-way through.
  • I have a question you haven't addressed. Who can I speak with?
    We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Send an email to and you can expect a response within 2 business days.

Ready to uplevel your messaging?

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